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Size 1*10^6


3D4/21 Cell Line was generated by CRISPR-U™ gene-editing technology to stably express Cas9 protein.

Cell Info

Catalog YC-C041-Cas9-H
Cell line 3D4/21-CAS9 Cell Type Porcine alveolar macrophage cell line
Morphology Epithelial-like, adherent Passage ratio 1:2~1:3
Culture method 85%RPMI-1640+10%FBS+1%Glutamax+1%SodiumPyruvate+1%NEAA+1%Hepes+2.2g/ml Glucose
Cryopreservation solution 90%FBS+10%DMSO
Special Note

Product Advantage

  • (1)Easy to use:Cas9 cell lines in our cell bank can stably express Cas9 protein. Each Cas9 Stable Cell Line is easy to use and enables gene knockout simply by transfecting gRNA, while transfection of gRNA and donor DNA results in gene knock-in or point mutations
  • (2)High-efficient KO:These Cas9 stable cell lines have been used to construct the KO cell lines for various genes, gene KO efficiency 5-10 times improved.
  • (3)High-quality cell:Selected cells, low passages, good cell condition, high activity, applicable for all kinds of gene-editing experiments.

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