Human embryonic stem cell(H1)

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Human embryonic stem cell(H1)

Human embryonic stem cell(H1) Order


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Size 2*10^5


H1 human embryonic stem cell line is one of the most common embryonic stem cell lines in the world. This cell is isolated from the inner cell mass of human early embryo and has the characteristics of unlimited proliferation, self-renewal and multidirectional differentiation in vitro. It is a reliable material for stem cell-related research.

Product Advantage

  • Selected cells

    Low passages, high viability and good cell condition

  • STR authentication

    Provide STR authentication report, to ensure the accurate cell identity.

  • Karyotyping

    Provides karyotype reports to ensure that the cells are not transformed and malignant.

  • Strong differentiation ability

    Has the potential to differentiate into a variety of cells, such as cardiomyocyte, hepatocyte, nerve cell, etc.

  • Professional technical support

    Ubigene has long been committed to the field of gene editing. With rich gene editing experience, complete gene editing solutions, and the first-class gene editing model animal platform, Ubigene provides you with products, services and free technical consulting to help you with your scientific research in all aspects.

  • Wide range of applications

    Apply in research of endocrine system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, surgical diseases, digestive system diseases, autoimmune system diseases, nervous system diseases, blood system diseases, etc.


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