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About Ubigene

Ubigene Biosciences is co-founded by biological academics and elites from China, the United States, and France. We are located in Guangzhou Science City, Guangdong province, China, which serves as a global center for high technology and innovation. Ubigene Biosciences has 3000㎡ office areas and laboratories, focusing on gene editing, cell biology technology, and antibody validation. Ubigene has provided high-quality gene-editing services and products to scientists and researchers in more than 40 countries around the world, including gene-editing cell line services / Virus packaging / Plasmid construction / CRISPR Library construction / Gene-editing microorganism / EZ-editor™Gene-editing Series Products, etc. Also, Ubigene has an exclusive KO Cell Line Bank and Red Cotton™ gRNA Plasmid Bank.

Make genome editing easier is the goal of Ubigene. We will continue to dedicate our R&D to maintain a stable improvement of our services and products. Pragmatism, efficiency, integrity are our business principles. We are committed to providing the best gene-editing services and products to every customer who chooses us.

Ubigene's Technical Platforms

  • CRISPR-U™ System
  • CRISPR-B™ system
  • Red Cotton™ CRISPR gene editing designer
  • Cell phenotype analysis platform
  • Antibody validation platform

CRISPR-U™ System

Innovatively improved from CRISPR/Cas9 technology, CRISPR-U™ has greatly improved the efficiency of gene cutting and homologous recombination, thus improving the gene-editing efficiency by 10-20 times.

Exclusive technology

5000+ KO cell bank

Efficiency improved 10-20X

CRISPR-B™ System

Ubigene had optimized the microbial gene-editing vectors and process. The efficiency and accuracy are much higher than traditional methods. CRISPR-B™ can be used in gene editing of bacteria and fungi.

Efficiency improved 20X


Wide application

Red Cotton™ CRISPR Gene Editing Designer

It is an automated gene-editing strategy design system. Combining with 3000 cases of gene-editing data, bioinformatics and information technology, Ubigene created this system to benefit researchers who work on gene editing. It integrates three well-known gene databases, and it is an intelligent gene-editing system for cell lines and microorganisms.

Design 3 strategies in a minute

800+ cell parameters

5000+ cases

Cell Phenotype Analysis Platform

In order to provide one-stop solution of cell line engineering, this platform consists of professional equipment and an experienced technical team, which can provide customers with all kinds of cell assay.

Expert team

Professional analysis

Comprehensive report

Antibody Validation Platform

Ubigene provides antibody validation "gold standard" KO lysates. This platform is based on self-developed UBI-001 near-haploid cell line and 2000+ KO cell bank. With CRISPR-U™ and Red-cotton™ CRISPR gene-editing system, the mass production of high-quality KO cell lysates can be ahieved.

Rapid proliferation, easy to transfect and strong monoclonal forming ability

Near haploid, ultra-high KO efficiency

Red Cotton™ Gene Knockout Project

Ubigene launched the Red Cotton™ gene knockout project in 2021 by combining CRISPR-U™, Red Cotton™ CRISPR gene editing designer and EZ-editor™ series of products together. It is planned to build a knockout cell bank with 5000 KO cell lines in 2024.

KO Cell Line Bank

gRNA Plasmid Bank

Business Coverage

Successful KO case
Countries covered

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