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Knockdown Cell Lines

The shRNA knockdown vectors would be transferred into the cells by lentivirus transduction. As per the optimal antibiotic screening concentration determined in advance, the cells would be screened until the control cells die out to obtain a positive stable cell line with gene knockdown. The final deliverables would be stable cell pools/clones, relevant data and the project report.
Knockdown Stable Cell Line Service Details
Cell typeVarious types of cells including tumor cell lines, regular cell lines, IPS/ES cell lines
DeliverablesCell pool/Single-cell clone
Turnaround/Price  Please inquire
Work Flow and Validation
Knockdown Cell Lines Work Flow and ValidationKnockdown Cell Lines Work Flow and Validation
Available YSH plasmids
YSH seriesVectorReporter gene; Selection marker
Lentiviral YSH plasmid YSH-LV001-shRNA EGFP/Puro
YSH-LV002-shRNA mCherry/Puro
YSH-LV004-shRNA mCherry/Neo
YSH-LV005-shRNA EGFP/Hygro
YSH-LV006-shRNA Puro
YSH-LV008-shRNA mCherry
YSH-LV009-shRNA Luciferase/Puro


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