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Are you looking for some efficient gRNA for your gene-editing experiments?
You should check out our Red Cotton™ · gRNA plasmid bank
Over 10,000 in-stock gRNA plasmids
As low as 80 USD
Fulfill different gene-editing purposes, including knockout, knockin, and point mutation
Dont wait anymore and get yourdreamplasmid now!

Recent updated Red Cotton™ · CRISPR gene editing system
Based on the data of over 5000 successful gene-editing cases
Automatically design the gRNAs for FREE
Updated with more practical gene-editing tools
Faster and more reliable gRNA design

Promotion period: 5.15.2021-7.15.2021

Type Price(USD) Deliverable
Gene KO plasmid (over 10,000 in-stock plasmids) 80 gRNA plasmid
Gene PM plasmid 770 gRNAs plasmid + oligo
Gene KI plasmid 1270 gRNAs plasmid + donor

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