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As we all know, for scientific researchers
Summer vacation is not always the 100% “vacation” as it literally means
During vacation, we still need to regularly stay at our lab
To take care of our precious cells for our experiment
What about giving yourselves a real vacation?
Let Ubigene helps you!
No matter you want to do gene overexpression or knockdown
Here, Ubigene provides what you want in a short time,
plus a beneficial price for you

Lentivirus Packaging as low as $559
Stable Cell Line as low as $1780

Also, you could enjoy a cashback promotion
500 USD off on every 5K spent!
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Stable Cell Line

During promotion,
you could enjoy the promotional price as below listed,
and enjoy the cashback promotion together
(500 USD off on every 5K spent)
Promotion time: 2021.7.15-2021.8.31

Stable Cell Line
Type Overexpression Knockdown (1 shRNA) Knockdown (3 shRNA) Deliverables
Price (USD) Turnaround
Price (USD) Turnaround
Price (USD) Turnaround
Popular cell line 2020 7-10 1780 7-9 2980 7-9 1M cells/vial
2 vials/cell pool
modified cell line
(Over 100 types)
2480 8-11 1980 8-11 3280 8-11
Regular cell line 2980 9-14 2480 9-13 3980 9-13
Note Popular cell lines: Hela, HEK-293, A549, HCT116, 4T1, SGC-7901, RAW264.7, NCI-H1299
Lentivirus Packaging
Type Price
Overexpression 2180 6-8 1*10^8TU
1080 4-6 1*10^8TU
Knockdown 3 shRNA 1797 3-5
1 shRNA 599 3-5
KO 1 Single-gRNA 559 3-5
1 Dual-gRNA 1078 4-6
3 Single-gRNAs 1677 3-5
Single gRNA/Cas9 All-in-one 1828 3-5

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