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Red Cotton™ CRISPR point mutation strategy designer

Red Cotton™ CRISPR point mutation strategy designer is now released! Exclusive algorithm, automatically design 2 strategies in 1 minute!

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RNP and base editing strategies, fulfill most of mutations in a highly efficient manner
Exclusive algorithm to design the optimal gRNAs and donor ssODN, improve positive rate
Evaluate difficulty of validation and introduce restriction digestion site, ensure the accuracy of validation
Parameters of hundreds of cell lines covering the most common research areas

Point Mutation Cell Line Service

Relying on the Red Cotton™ CRISPR point mutation strategy designer and CRISPR-U™ system, the most efficient point mutation cell line strategy can be generated automatically, which allows us provide high-quality point mutation cell construction services. Now, we had screened for nearly 1000 high-frequency mutations to help cancer research, ONLY $6480!!
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Service type Promotional price (USD) Turnaround Deliverable
Promotional loci, please search your target below A549、HCT116 and HEK293 only $6480 12-20 weeks Positive clone
Other mutations 293T A549 HCT116Hela4T1H9C2RAW264.7NCI-H1299 $8980
Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list. Please Inquire >> $9980

Promotional mutation sites

Gene Mutation site

Gene Knock-in cell line service

Ubigene focuses on CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing. We have modified genes in more than 200 types of cell lines utilizing our exclusive gene editing system CRISPR-U™. And we have rich experience in gene knock-in cell construction. Contact us now to assess your project>>

Cell type KI Type Price (USD) Turnaround(Week) Deliverables
293T A549 HCT116 Reporter gene 9480 12-20 Positive clones
Hela4T1H9C2RAW264.7NCI-H1299 Reporter gene 9980
Promotional cell lines in 200 cell list
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Reporter gene 10980

Note: This promotion is limited to scientific research customers such as universities and research institutes


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