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Red Cotton™ · Gene Knockout Project is greatly upgraded in 2023 KO Cell Bank now reach to 3500+ lines Newly add 500+ tumor immunization genes! Red Cotton™ system now get an "eagle eye" Base on 1400+ cell lines and 20K gene knockout data Essential genes are nowhere to hide! Double upgraded in services and products Come and find out!

KO cell bank reach to 3500+ line

As low as $1980 | Deliver in 1 week | Newly add 500+ tumor immunization genes!
Gene Gene ID Cell Line GO
SNORD17 692086 HepG2 YKO-H003

Red Cotton™ Knockout Lethality Assessment Database RELEASED!

Experience upgraded! Red Cotton gene editing system now get an "eagle eye", give your idea whether your target gene is essential or not

Gene Dependency Assessment method

Based on 30 million data of CRISPR library screening Covering 1400+ cell lines and 20K gene knockouts Visual images, presenting the risk score and level. Get a gene lethality assessment in one click. Visit Red Cotton™ system>>

Express KO customization service

KO cell line customization, "eagle eye" to distinguish essential genes. To avoid time wasting and ensure project success!
Popular cell lines
Turnaround: starting from 4 weeks
Price: $2980
Deliverable: positive clones
HEK293 A549 Hela HCT116 MDCK 293T 4T1 B16-F10
Promotional cell lines
Turnaround: 8-12 weeks
Price: $3780
Deliverable: positive clones
HT-29 RKO CHO-k1 MC3T3-E1 H9C2 AGS CT26.WT SK-MES-1 SCC7 Vero More> NIH/3T3 U-87 MG MC38 C2C12 U-2 OS Hep G2 Hepa 1-6 NCI-H1299
Successful cell lines
Turnaround: 8-14 weeks
Price: starting from $4280
Deliverable: positive clones
Promotion period: 2023.2.14-2023.5.20
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