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Are you interested in library construction and the screening, But suffered from low transformation efficiency of competent cells, insufficient experience with electroporation, large workload of colony collecting, unsatisfactory coverage and uniformity, etc? Here we are! Ubigene offers a one-stop custom library construction service and various in-stock libraries are available for sale~ Custom library service enjoys up to 35% OFF Provide NGS report, guarantee Coverage rate >99%, Uniformity <10   Want to screen the target genes in high-throughput? 21 virus libraries also available in-stock, enjoy up to 30% OFF. Get what you need from Ubigene!
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Promotion period: 2023.5.26-2023.8.26

CRISPR library in-stock products21 types of in-stock virus libraries

Human Genome-wide Knockout Human Kinases Knockout Human Nuclear Protein Knockout
Human Genome-wide Activation Human Membrane Protein Activation Human Metabolic Gene Knockout
Human Genome-wide Inhibition Human Cell Cycle Protein Knockout Human Epigenetic Knockout
Green Monkey Genome-wide Knockout Human Drug Targets, Kinases, Phosphatases Knockout Human Apoptosis and Cancer Gene Knockout
Pig Genome-wide Knockout Human RNA-Binding Protein Knockout Mouse Metabolic Gene Knockout
  • Deliverables: Plasmid or Virus (Different sizes for choices)
  • Provide NGS report, guarantee Coverage rate >99%, Uniformity <10

CRISPR library construction and functional screeningKnockout, Activation, Inhibition

With engineering parameters for 200+ cell lines and a stock of 100+ cas9 stable cell lines, Ubigene provides a one-stop library service from custom library construction, virus packaging, cell infection and screening, to NGS bioinformatics analysis, helping you efficiently screen target genes!

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