EZ-cryo™ Cell Freezing Medium

EZ-cryo™ Cell Freezing Medium

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EZ-cryo™ Cell Freezing Medium is a serum-free, non-programmed cell cryopreservation solution product, which can simultaneously protect cells from both inside and outside from the lethal damage caused to cells by ice crystals during the flash freezing process. In addition, it does not contain any serum of animal origin or proteins, which can effectively reduce the possible risk of contamination from animal sources and reduce the cost of cell culture. This Cell Freezing Medium is suitable for the vast majority of mammalian cells.




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EZ-cryo™ cell freezing medium



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Product Validation

Figure 1. a, c, and e show the cell conditions of THP-1, B16-F10, and HCT 116 (cryopreserved with EZ-cryoTM Cell Freezing Medium) under 100X microscopy after 24 hours of thawing; b, d and f show the cell conditions of the cells from the same batch but cryopreserved with regular freezing medium (containing 40% serum), under a 100X microscope after 24 hours of thawing. Compared with the cells cryopreserved with regular freezing medium, it can be clearly observed that cells cryopreserved with EZ-cryoTM Cell Freezing Medium have a higher recovery rate and better cell adhesion situation.

Quality Control

EZ-cryo™细胞冻存液在 pH、渗透压、无菌性和内毒素等方面已经过质量测试。

Product Advantage

  • Ready-to-use, no need to dilute before use, fast and convenient for cell cryopreservation
  • Serum-free, protein-free, low risk for contamination
  • High viability rate upon thawing, suitable to cryopreserve the vast majority of mammalian cells
  • No programmed cooling operation required, can be directly stored at -80℃ when used, fast and easy

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