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Size 1*10^6


SH-SY5Y Cell Line was generated with lentivirus, to constitutively expresses high levels of enzymatically active luciferase protein, which can be detected by bioluminescence in vitro and in vivo.

Cell Info

Catalog YC-D014-Luc-P
Cell line SH-SY5Y-Luc Cell Type Human Choriocarcinoma Cell Line
Morphology Epithelial-like, adherent Passage ratio 1:2-1:3
Culture method 43.5%MEM+43.5%ham"s F-12+10%FBS+1%Glutamax+1%Sodium Pyruvate+1%NEAA
Cryopreservation solution 90%FBS+10%DMSO
Special Note Cells require autocrine factors for survival, so do not passage the cells when the cell confluency is low, the suggested passage ratio is 1:2 and the time of each passaging is 48 hours. Pay attention that do not overgrow the cells, once cells are overgrown, the cell condition is unable to recover.

Product Advantage

  • (1)Easy to use: Luciferase Stable Cell Line in our cell bank can stably express luciferase. It can be directly used for in vivo injection to detect the tumorigenicity of cells.
  • (2)Sensitive accurate:Luciferase Stable Cell Line in our cell bank have high specificity and high sensitivity, enables high imaging quality, and its luminescence intensity can be accurately quantified.
  • (3)High-quality cell: Our Luciferase Stable Cell Lines have been optimized and have low passages, high activity and good cell condition, applicable for detection or tumorigenesis experiment.



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