Human B-cell Lymphoma Cell Line(SU-DHL-4)

Human B-cell Lymphoma Cell Line(SU-DHL-4)

Human B-cell Lymphoma Cell Line(SU-DHL-4) Order


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Size 1*10^6


This cell has passed the mycoplasma test. STR authentication report available.

Cell Info

Catalog YC-C082
Cell line SU-DHL-4 Cell Type Human Skin Fibroblast Cell Line
Morphology Lymphoblast, suspension Passage ratio Control the cell density at 2x10^5~4.0x10^5 cells/ml during passaging, and carry out the passage when the cells grow to 8x10^5~1.0x10^6 cells/ml.
Culture method 90%RPMI-1640+10% FBS
Cryopreservation solution 50%RPMI-1640+40% FBS+10%DMSO
Special Note 该细胞培养需要严格控制细胞培养密度。该细胞复苏活率较低,建议使用质量优质的FBS复苏或者提高FBS比例为20%复苏,待细胞正常传2代后,可换回正常培养体系培养。

STR Authentication

Product Advantage

  • (1)High-quality cells: The cells in our cell bank have low passages, high activity and good cell condition
  • (2)STR Authentication: All cells of human and murine origin in our cell bank have available STR Authentication reports, guaranteeing accurate cell identity.
  • (3)Applicable for gene-editing: The cell lines in our cell bank have been successfully used in gene-editing cell line generation, applicable for all kinds of gene-editing experiments.
  • (4)Free technical support: Ubigene, with over 12-year gene-editing experience, will provide the professional technical support of gene-editing technology for free.

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